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Warrior Retreat for Men

4 Day Breathwork Retreat July 27-30

Join me with my friend Carolina Pataky, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist specializing in men specific issues, for a fun and empowering weekend where men come together to learn how to enrich their sex lives through authenticity. Together, Carolina and I will be guiding you through a personal journey utilizing our backgrounds in yoga, Soulful Breathwork, psychology, and sex therapy.

On this journey you will be given the opportunity to discover thought patterns instilled in us at a very young age as little boys that prohibit deeper, meaningful, intimate relationships through Carolina's H.I.M.(Healing Intimacy in Men) Method. Through yoga, we will not only get our bodies moving, but also take the time to shift our gaze inwards.

We'll explore through mindfulness how our bodies feel-what feels good and what doesn't. Then, with the power of Soulful Breathwork, we will release things that are holding us back; whether that's past traumas, suppressed emotions, or any other plethora of reasons we are not truly living in the present moment without protective walls surrounding us. Finally, you'll be introduced to Carolina's sexercises, which incorporate tantric movements of the body with the Soulful Breathwork. These simple sexercises help get the Prana, or energy, moving throughout your entire body instead of allowing that energy to remain stuck in your genitals.


Thursday July 27 7pm to 10pm  
Friday July 28 10am to 9pm Lunch and dinner included
Saturday July 29 10am to 9pm Lunch and dinner included
Sunday July 30 10am to 3pm Brunch included


Miami Shores/Biscayne Park area. Details will be sent out once you've registered.


$850. Space is limited so be sure to register early.


We are both very excited to bring this retreat together for you, the man who wishes for a better, intimate sex life through authenticity. Can't wait for you to join us. For more information on Carolina and the work she does, visit her website